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Omega Delta Chi Alumni

Chapman University

Welcome to the Omega Delta Chi Alumni locater. This resource was created so that Omega alumni could find each other. If you know someone who didn't get listed on this page, please send e-mail to W. Wood Harter ( . I do have some phone numbers and addresses, but I don't think addresses are appropriate for the Internet. I may list the phone numbers later? Tell me if you have any other good ideas for Omega related web content.

Thanks to Dave Reed for the cool gallery picture.  Click on it to see the full version.

Congrats to Matt Cohen, the first Omega to have a link to his own personal web page.  Anyone else?

I created this in 1995, but since that time there has also been a Omega Yahoo Group established as well.

First Name Last Name Work Phone Home Phone e-mail web site
Tasos (Hmmmm?)

Charlie Axworthy

Robert Baer

Joe Battagulia
Scott Canter
Phil Cherry

Matt Cohen matt's site
Thomas Cray

Benny Emangitil

Mike Finneren

Geoffery Friedrich

J.T. Hart

Ted Gutman
W. Wood Harter
Flashcard Software
Jeff Higgens

Tom Hoffmeister
Dave Kaplan
Art Keeton
Scott LeRoy

Ken Lineberger
Clem Luczon
Jim Luley        
Jeff Michelin

Dave Olivia

Larry Pace
Dave Pooley

Dave Reed
Roo Sheaff

Jeff Solomon (&Lisa)

Montre Sonthiwaranurak

Dwight Tabancura
Dave Tannenbaum
Cameron Ward Cameron's Site
Jed Wells

Last Updated: April 19, 2004